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Family heirlooms and loved pieces of furniture are often too treasured to let go; at MasterCraft we understand that. To us it is about attention to detail, care, fine workmanship and creative flair.


We will take care to restore your furniture to its former glory or to give it a new lease of life.


MasterCraft Upholstering are specialists in restoring, re-building and re-modelling furniture to our clients’ needs and specifications.


Options Include:

  • Cut down size and seating capacity

  • Increase size and add to seating capacity

  • Alter shape to match aesthetics

Furniture Restoration / Remodelling

MasterCraft Upholstering use only premium quality materials from leading textile mills such as Warwick, Zepel, WortleyMokum, Windsor, Profile, Leather Italia, Gosh Howl Ieathers.


Visit our showroom and browse through the constantly updated collections in ranges from classic prints to fashion-forward and contemporary weaves.


All fabrics used by MasterCraft Upholstering have been quality tested to world standards for performance, durability and safety.


We are that confident in our fabrics, that for three years, our suppliers guarantee to replace any fabric which is found to be faulty as a result of manufacturing defect and which has been used in accordance with performance ratings and care instructions.


We have extensive experienced with:

  • Fabric, leather and vinyl re-upholstery

  • Diamond buttoning

  • Pin stuffing

  • Frame repairs

  • Piping

  • Studding

  • Re-springing

  • Jute webbing replacement

Fabrics / Techniques


Our Services

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